Selling house with garden

Whether its is a place to live, a place of gathering and sharing memories, the garden is considered by the most people as the fifth room of the house

A dream for the home owner

Most of the house owners who would want to sell house quickly would agree that a house with a garden generate a profit when it comes for a house seller saying buy my house fast needing a fast house sale.
The desire to have a garden in a house changes with age. Most property investment owners are under 45 years (82.2%) for whom the dream of a garden is associated with the presence of young children. The desire to have a house with garden falls slightly for people with who are over 45 years (74.1%), but is still very much a desire. . According to a study, many people feel the garden is an important criterion in the search for buying a property as it can also help people who are hoping and saying that I can sell my house fast.

A different value depending on the geographic

If you sell a house with garden, everything is fine then. But if it is established that a garden brings a certain added value to the house, some items have to be taken into account.

In the countryside, the size of the land does not always provide significant added value.